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Soundproofing Walls System That Really Works!

Soundproofing walls can stop Noisy Neighbours! We fit our 'Magic' Soundproofing Panel System to eliminate your noisy neighbours. So if your STRESSED, DEPRESSED and feel like a PRISONER in your home? Tired of your noisy neighbours? Thinking of moving home? Then if this is you, don't let it get you down. We can help, we offer the complete professional soundproofing wall solution to your noisy neighbours.


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Let the Soundproofing Walls Specialists solve your Serious Noise Problem

  • We will BEAT any like for like quote.
  • Tailor made for you.
  • 40 years of experience.
  • Patented "Magic" Panels.
  • Over 1,000 satisfied customers.
  • Appeared on National Television.
  • Fully Qualified Acoustic Engineers.
  • Confidential Installation.

Our Patented "Magic" Wall Panel System

Our NEW patented acoustic panelling system is up to 100% effective in soundproofing walls and requires no major renovation work to your home. Its clean, quick to install and it can be applied to walls, within a day. They come in a variety of thickness depending on the level of noise, starting from just 38mm. What's more its discreet and is immediately ready for decoration once completed, restoring your quality of life immediately.

Soundproofing Walls

Our soundproofing wall panel works by deflecting and absorbing the sound generated from your noisy neighbours next door leaving your room noise free and unaffected. No screaming children next door, talking, shouting, telephone ringing, dog barking, loud TV or vacuuming. All domestic noises that are depriving you of your sanity, sleep and quality of life. Just complete silence, leaving you to sit back, relax and get on with your life.

Our patented panels have been tried and tested at our own research laboratory and thousands of people have benefited by their brilliant noise elimination qualities.

This is highlighted by our recent highly successful involvement in a project on BBC TV's DIY SOS Big Build with Nick Knowles, where we were personally selected to appear on the programme. Not to mention we've also previously appeared on Granada TV and in the Ideal Home Magazine, June 2012.

Our soundproofing panels work on the basis, they absorb, then reflect, deflect and reject all intrusive noises eliminating up to 100% off all noises. Hats more once installed our panels are ready for decorating.

"We will even beat any genuine like for like quote" By Tom Smith

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Soundproofing Walls
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